Affiliated to C.S.J.M. University Kanpur (U.P.)

Welcome to Gulab-Fulandar Vidhi Mahavidyalya Sandi, Hardoi (U.P.)


1-   For each and every student it is mandatory to carry identity card on daily basis.

2-   Students are not allowed to roam and are liable to maintain decorum in the college premises.

3-   Students are not allowed to paste advertisement posters and to write on the walls and chairs, tables etc.

4-   Every day students need to report their specified section or classes.

5-   Students are required to park their vehicles in the college  parking area. The college is not responsible for vehicles.

6-   Students need to maintain the decorum and bound  to respect all the teachers.

7-   The students need to obey the above mention rules & regulations prescribed by the college.

8-   Student who disobeys the prescribed rules and regulations will not be allowed and also be punished.

9-   Student shall enter in the Principal room in dress code.

10-75% attendance is compulsory if not then students will not be allowed in the examination.

11- The official timings for the students are 10 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon.

     12- The Library will open from 10 Am. to 4 Pm. for the Law students.